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WCF End Point not working for Project created with SharePoint WCF Service Application



I have created SharerePoint 2013 WCF Service Application without Database option. Just deployed the solution on Central Adminstration Site. Did the steps as suggested in documentation.

1 Step related with Creation/ Managing Service was missing. Did that by creating a new Service Application via OOB features.

I was accessing this service via URL i.e.


but it did not work.

also accessed the Web Service way i.e.


but it did not work either.

Suggest how to make the Service Work and also If I need to access this via some Proxy made from SPServiceContext mode.

Please help it is urgent.

With regards


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adamtoth wrote Dec 12, 2013 at 5:57 PM


Please see the comments in this issue, as it seems similar to yours:

If you are using the WCF + REST template, you can't hit the service endpoint directly, this isn't normal WCF with MEX/WSDL endpoints. You have to use a REST path, similar to the following:


If you are not using the REST option, then you need to use one of the C# proxy classes in the solution to call methods. You cannot call the SVC in the WebServices folder directly, you have to use the ServiceClient proxy classes in C# code.

adamtoth wrote Dec 12, 2013 at 8:36 PM

To be specific, the HelloWorldServiceClient needs to be instantiated to call into the service methods.