Powershell Cmdlets

The Service Application Starter Kit contains PowerShell scripts for administering your custom service application:

  • New-<yourname>ServiceApplication
    • Will create a new service application. Will also install the Service, ServiceProxy, and ServiceInstances if not already installed in the farm.
  • New-<yourname>ServiceApplicationProxy
    • Will create a new service application proxy. You can also use this to create a proxy that connects to a published service application on a different farm.
  • Set-<yourname>ServiceApplication
    • Updates basic settings for an existing service application.
  • Set-<yourname>ServiceApplicationProxy
    • Updates basic settings for an existing service application proxy.
  • Remove-<yourname>Service
    • Removes all components of the service, including the Service, ServiceProxy, ServiceInstances, and all ServiceApplications and ServiceApplicationProxies associated with the Service.


These get registered with the SharePoint management shell:

Commands in the SharePoint Management Shell

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